muSOAing for 9/1/09

Before we delve into the gory details of services development and deployment, I will not have done justice without talking about the client side of the interaction.

We did a Q&D description of the server side but the client side is also quite interesting. There are several components that can come into play in client side development. The main component is of course the invocation part which is mainly driven by the WSDL. There are toolkits available that make this process a breeze. All you do is compile the WSDL, generate the stubs and write some basic invocation code using the stub classes.

Of course, in a true production environment, this will get quite complicated. So here is what you need to keep in mind.
– Services invocation framework
– Services simulator
– Simulator tools (if there is significant invocations thru UI/Portal)

These are the three main constituents and how you plan and build these out are very critical as you are sort of the liaison between the client (UI) and the server (services). So you are actually playing a diplomatic role so you have to tread carefully and manage expectations accordingly.

In the next few muSOAings we will examine each of these constituents in more greater detail.


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