muSOAing for 8/18/09

Services design and development requires a lot of thought and planning. A mature organization will be spending a lot of time taking stock of their existing APIs and service enabling them rather than embarking on a lot of new services development.

Service development is a very tedious task as it requires you to marry the API to your canonical schemas. This task itself will take up a bulk of your development time. While an API is your traditional function call on the server, a lot has to happen for that function to be called as a service. You will first of all need the schema esp if it is a document style API. You will then need the WSDL to chart out all the service characteristics such as the protocol, SOAP Action and so on. The comes the task of building the server side components for service lookup and delegation and a lot of other related tasks. Then the client side development for calling the service.

I have run through this very quickly. In my next posts, I will distill and explain each step in more detail.


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