muSOAing for 8/14/09

So that was a whirlwind Canonicals tour. I know it was quick and brief but hey I did touch on and highlight all the key components. If you want more detailed information please don’t hesitate to contact me ( In this post I want to summarize on all the stuff we talked about.

– SOA Competency Center
– SOA Champion
– Appoint Canonical whip/team lead
– Select departmental SMEs who will be on loan to SOA CC
– Whip selects a hands on tech lead
– Audit of existing data representations
– Whip to pull in SME resources as needed
– Pull in Industry standard Schemas
– Taxonomy Normalization and Mapping
– Test drive Canonical through Pilot
– Technical teams to validate and prepare for internal mappings during Pilot and Implementation

One thing that I did not highlight is what do you do if there are no Industry Standard Schemas to leverage. Well then if you have followed all the steps listed above then you probably will have very little or no Taxonomy Normalization and Mapping to do. What you come up with will be your data representation. This may bite you in future if you have to conduct B2B transactions but then if B2B is involved then there will definitely be a standards body that would have thought though and brought out these schemas.

Happy Canonicling. In subsequent posts we will get more tactical and deal with the interesting topic of Service Modeling.


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