muSOAing for 8/9/09

Continuing our conversation on Canonicals. The last remark was on not to reinvent the wheel. Some careful planning has to be done for Canonical work. Here are some important ones,

– SOA Competency center: This is needed for any strategic effort and not just for Canonical work. This is just one important function that this center will be responsible for.
– SOA Champion: Appoint a champion for this competency center. He will be the whip, the go getter, the evangelist who will keep mantra of SOA alive and kicking in your organization. An SOA champion is typically a very well liked and competent Technical Leader with lots of soft skills as this will involve lot of liaision with different depts within the organization
– SOA core committee: Nominated reps from the various depts who will work with the SOA champion. This is part of the important liaision work
– SOA implementaition group: This will normally consist of a mixture of BAs, Tech Leads and Hands on technical folks. The BAs and Leads are generally loaned from the various depts for SME and their participation will be part time and decrease over a period of time. The hands on folks are full time resources
– Canonical committee: Overseen by Champion with help of committee. Implemented with the help of relevant BAs and technical resources.

In the next post we will discuss how to kick off this important effort. I cannot stress enough the importance of this effort so I will be making sure to post daily on this topic till it has been covered sufficiently and thoroughly.

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