muSOAing for 8/4/09

Service design. This is the first and most important step and you should have a very good plan for it. So how do you go about doing service design. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, SOA is a business driven function so you must always put business first.

Before you even commit fingers to the keyboard and start churning out your wonderful services, there are several steps that should precede this activity. The key players who will aid you in this crucial first step is your Business Analysts, Domain Experts and SMEs. Tap someone, anyone who understands the business well. They should tell you what business functions that currently exists, ones that can be improved and those they they require.

This is a detailed activity and do not ever underestimate it. You should allot sufficient time for this. In fact around 60-70% of the time should be alloted for requirements gathering with BAs.

After you feel that you have gathered sufficient business information, you have to present this to all the stakeholders to get their buy in as it will not be possible to implement all the services so this buy in will let you prioritize and implement wisely.

So you have all the information from the BAs so what next?

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