muSOAing for 7/28/09

Ok enough of Pontification. In all these preceding posts we have talked about various aspects of SOA focusing mainly on the strategic aspects such as Governance and Design. We haven’t spoken at all about actual services development. As they say there cannot be any Object Oriented Programming without any real objects. Similarly there cannot be any SOA without any real services that are available for consumption.

So you have traveled some distance on this SOA journey and you have come to a point where you have identified service candidates so now it is time for the rubber to meet the road, the nuts and bolts etc. How do you actually go about developing your services. There are several aspects you will have to consider for this a few of the important ones are,

– Building new services from scratch
– Reusing legacy functions thru service wrappers (EJB, Servlet etc.)
– Canonical or other Schemas
– Service types (RPC or Document style)
– Service granularity (Coarse or fine grained)
– Composite services thru service composition using BPM

These are not ordered in any fashion so as to indicate priority but in the following posts, I will take them up in the order or relevance.


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