muSOAing for 7/22/09

Continuing our talk on SOA Governance, one may wonder where exactly does the scope lie. In my previous posts, I have discussed about the various approaches for SOA being top down/strategic efforts, bottom up/tactical and a Hybrid approach. So is the organization straight jacketed into choosing one approach before attempting SOA. The answer is an emphatic NO. The beauty of SOA is the organization can choose to implement all three approaches. There are certain aspects of the SOA, each of which can be addressed individually by one of the three approaches. But one very important fact you should always remember is, SOA is for starters, a strategic effort where business and business processes are always on the forefront.

Business needs should always be overarching and should be on the forefront in an SOA effort. When you have chalked out a broad based, enterprise wide SOA strategy then you may want to implement them using a mixture of the three SOA methodologies (strategic, tactical and hybrid).

An example of a strategic effort is SOA Governance as this affects all the aspects of SOA and lays down the rules and guidelines for all future SOA initiatives. An example of a tactical effort is a project/pilot initiative where you are dealing directly with technology. A hybrid approach is having two paralled tracks, one being service composition and development and the other being a project that uses these services.


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