muSOAing for 7/13/09

Governance. Before we delve into the gory details of SOA Governance, let us take a moment and examine this term at a very high level. What is Governance? This has several connotations, for some it could mean something very tactical and trivial such as implementing an ACL for a particular service to ensure controlled access. For others it could mean something very strategic such as how do we control the development and deployment process for services.

So Governance can mean different things to different people and the quirky part is each and every member of an SOA implementation takes part in and contributes to Service and SOA Governance so it is extremely important that you have a well thought out Governance Strategy.

So let us start defining what Governance is. SOA Governance touches various aspects of SOA but it’s critical constituents are,

– Service Versioning strategy
– Service Deployment strategy
– Service access control strategy
– Service composition strategy
– Service development and cataloging strategy

There are specialized tools available that let you control all these critical governance aspects. SOA Governance is so important that it has it’s own practice and tools within the SOA domain.

In the next few muSOAings we will examine in detail what these individual constituents mean and how one can go about implementing and managing them.


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