muSOAing for 7/4/09

What the heck is this guy doing, blogging on the 4th of July that too about SOA. Freedom from bad SOA implementations I say 🙂 No seriously, this warrants not one but several blog entries. Believe me, I have been there and there is a lot you need to know about these wrong paths to SOA.

As I would like to say, when doing SOA use the words caution and moderation liberally. It is very easy to overdo and go overboard on some of these things. The reason is, the tools make this so easy to do. When it comes to the ESB, it could be transformations, orchestrations. One thing I cannot stress enough is the need for Canonicals. A good canonical can greatly reduce the need for transformations at any level ESB or elsewhere. Same is the case with Orchestrations. One can understand that Orchestrations are needed in certain scenarios especially when you need coarse grained services or service composition but again bad service design can lead to over composition and services that are too heavy or coarse grained so give a lot of thought to service design. Over decomposition of services will lead to too much composition for orchestrations and that is a big danger.

Next, I want to focus on Governance another important aspect of SOA.


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