muSOAing for 6/14/09

The term BPM has been around for a while. Earlier on before the advent of services, BPM meant any type of orchestration, a multistep process that had to complete as one atomic transaction. These multiple steps could involve very diverse operations starting from receiving a JMS message to doing XML transformations, calling an external adapter and then shooting of an XML message over HTTP and receipt of an acknowledgement.

All the steps mentioned above are still very relevent in today’s integration world, it is just that these are being performed by engines that have by and large been implemented with a lot of standards in mind as articulated in my earlier post. Standards such as BPEL, XML, Services, Schemas etc. So much so that each orchestration is agnostic and independent of the actual runtime orchestration engine it is mandated to run on.

You can now export a complex orchestratoin designed and developed in a product from Provider A and later down the line import the same into Provider B’s runtime engine and run it as is (provided you have configured all the external touch points of course).

So then what is Service Orchestration then? Stay tuned.


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