muSOAing for 5/27/09

Before we delve too deep in to BPR, let us examine for a moment what constitutes a Business Process. Business Processes have been in existence since the very first computer program was written. Any unit of work that requires access to multiple touchpoints can be described as a business process. While early processes were marked by their homogeneity, for instance written entirely in COBOL or in a 4GL such as PowerBuilder (an abstraction over the Windows SDK), the newer ones introduce certain new paradigms.

For instance, take one of the new kids around the block Weblogic Integration, not only does it amalgamate and act as an abstraction over the J2EE stack, it brings together concepts such as asynchronous interactions (JMS), Parallelisms (Threads) and long running transactions (Process Dehydration) to mention just a few.

So you consider products such as WLI to be on the bleeding edge of Process Orchestration? Nope, there is yet another frontier that is being conquered in this space. Stay tuned.


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