muSOAing for 5/25/09

So what do you mean by BPR (Business Process Rationalization). It is hard enough to implement business processes to cater to your own business let alone extrapolating that a 100 times out to service multiple clients. Whenever the word Business Process is bandied around the first technology that comes to mind is a Business Process Manager or BPM as we like to call it.

So will a good BPM engine aid you in BPR? Not really, when you bring BPM into the picture, you are implicitly assuming that all of your interface touchpoints are indeed webservices. Alas that is sadly not the case. BPM still has it’s uses mind you but just not for BPR. BPM is typically used by Business Analysts to draw up composite business processes by composing two or more services to serve a specific business function such as Order Fulfillment etc.

So what is the best way to implement BPR. Stay tuned.


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