muSOAing for 5/24/09

My memorial day muSOAing. continuing our discussion on SaaS. This concept has certainly evolved. There are so many flavors of SaaS that it is now quite hard to define definitively what is an ideal SaaS platform. All said and done, I think an ideal SaaS platform should at the least possess these basic charasteristics,

1. Single App Instance
2. Co-location of multiple clients
3. A generic DB design that would support point #2
4. A robust Portal framework that allows for easy customization and personalization for
the various co-located clients.

The client who has outsourced a business function to you does not really care or dictate that you follow these SaaS principles. All he wants is the functionality that was hitherto being performed within his firewall/intranet.

There is one critical piece we left out that should have been point #5 in that list. What is that? Apart from the customization and personalization features that can be implemented by a Portal there is this domain of business process rationalization. How do you accomodate in as generic a way as possible, the various business process needs of these various co-located clients. Well, that would be a topic for my next muSOAing.


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