muSOAing for 5/9/09

Another small segway. Actually not a segway cos what I will ponder upon is also related to SOA. I am talking about SaaS. I frequently drop this term “SaaS is outsourcing on steroids”. Is that not true? You take a particular function however mundane it may be and you totally automate it and to top it all host it in Timbuktu. Not only that, you take some pains to co-locate multiple clients in the same app instance.

So how is SaaS related to SOA. Very much I say. In fact they are like long lost brothers who have found each other akin to a script of a yesteryear Bollywood flick.

Now there is a lot we can talk about wrt SaaS and why not. So in my next few posts I will be talking about SaaS and how closely it is related to SOA and how it is a marriage made in heaven.

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