muSOAing for 5/2/09

Took a long break there. Got caught up with work. So now we are cruising again, let us talk a little about canonicals. So before we begin, what is a canonical? In simple terms, a canonical is something that everyone in the organization agrees upon as a standard and with respect to SOA, it usually refers to a schema that may represent some business function such as an Order or a Trouble Ticket.

As easy as it may sound, coming up with a canonical is one of the toughest tasks in the long road to SOA. There are some verticals that have been proactive and have come up with their own such as RosettaNet, Oasis, HIPAA, OTA etc. but that does not mean that the job is done. Gaining acceptance among all the organizations that play in that vertical is very difficult unless they have played an active role in the formation of these. Normally driven by a .org with a host of very good people shepherding the process along (thank you all).

Stay tuned……


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