muSOAing for 4/1/09

This initial due diligence/discovery phase should result in a concrete deliverable. This deliverable really a taking stock document and should not have a lot of information on the future roadmap though it will play a very important role in the forumation of one. The said document should be tailored for the audiences in these three domains. Preferably, it should be divided into these sections and contain information relevant to that audience.

This document should be summarized and condensed in the form of presentations. One of the very important aspects of this document is to lay the ground for the next phases. What you do or propose next is very important. At this point you have kindled enough interest that every stakeholder is raring to go. Each of them wants the items in their wishlist realized as quickly as possible. There is a danger that you could spread yourself too thin. Another critical component to consider is to formulate your implementation team. The implementation team will comprise of members from the host organization as well as folks from your own consulting organization. This is a huge task in itself. You have to lay down very clearly what roles you want fulfilled and then choosing the right people with the right skillsets for these roles.

Next, we will answer the question of how you would go about kicking off the next phases of this SOA implementation.


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