muSOAing for 3/31/09

In the due diligence phase, the SOA Architect has to have a very well set agenda. All the key stakeholders from the three key domains being Management, Business and IT have to be drawn. How the next phases progress will depend a lot on this key phase. The primary goals for this due diligence/discovery phase should be,

– Audit of existing IT infrastructure
– Interview key stake holders
– Good Questionnaire with relevant questions for stakeholders
– A concrete deliverable at the end of phase
– Vision Statement from each domain coalescing into an overall Vision
– Building blocks for a SOA roadmap

As mentioned earlier, a successful audit should result in a common goals strategy. It should have sufficient information that will lead to the formulation of a good SOA Roadmap. Here are some key concerns that should be addressed,

Management: ROI, Value Proposition, Operational efficiencies, Competitive Landscape, Better Services, Greater Mindshare
Business: Newer and improved functionality and Processes, Better interaction between Mgmt and IT, BPM and CEP
IT: Operational efficiency, elimination of redudancies, low maintenance, shorter learning curves

To be continued….

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