muSOAing for 3/30/09

What is this SOAising all about and how does one go about it. Well that is obviously a very loaded question. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, there are several approaches that can be either Strategic or Tactical or a mix of the two which I will term Hybrid.

It is certainly not a one size fits all answer for all organizations. Here is where the questionnaire will come very handy. It certainly helps to take stock of what you have already before embarking on this journey. To use an analogy, if you are given 10 hours to build a chair, spend 5 of those hours setting up your workshop. What I am talking about here is an audit. The SOA Architect should have a well structured questionnaire. This is to break the ice. All the stakeholders have to be onboard and devote as much time as necessary to answer this questionnaire and give their free and frank views on what they want to achieve. The stakeholders should be drawn from all the key domains being Management, Business and IT.

Here is where the wearing of different hats becomes key. Talk SOA in non technical terms to Management and Business. This is not so hard as you think. It requires the wearing of your strategic cap. What does this exactly mean, I will begin to answer this starting tomorrow’s muSOAing.


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