muSOAing for 3/29/0

SOA projects to start with are almost never about having to write everything new and from ground up. IT organizations of any size have grown up and matured and almost always are comprised of a mishmash of systems. This is believe it or not an SOA Architect’s utopia. Another important point to note, SOA is an enterprise level effort and that should be the midset going into any SOA implementation. There is a reason why there is an “E” in ESB. BTW, an ESB is not always required for an SOA implementation. Surprised? A detailed discussion on ESBs will have to wait for their own muSOAings. The term EAI was really a misnomer. There was no Enterprise in EAI it was always a group level or at most a department level effort. The technology simply did not scale well enough to serve the whole enterprise. In these days of M&As and these massive conglomerates, SOA seems to have finally arrived as the panacea for all your integration ills er needs.

In the next muSOAing we will start the examination of this concept of SOAising your existing interfaces and how to go about building new services.


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