muSOAings for 3/26/09

Roadmap. This has become a favorite SOA catchphrase. Frankly speaking, SOA is one of those unique technologies that lends itself very nicely to Roadmapping. What is exactly a Roadmap. Usually when one hears this term, one usually conjures up vaporware, stuff that does not exist yet but would form the basis of the Roadmap in terms of the system that would be build over a course of time.

Well, throw all those pre-conceived notions out of the window and be prepared for some serious re-learning. With SOA, this term takes on a whole new meaning. Remember, a couple of posts ago, I had mentioned about rejigging and reusing interfaces? Well, for a very mature IT organization that has not been SOAised yet, this would form a very key component of the Roadmap.

Melding the old with the new or in geek/techie terms, “start with WSDL and Java”. Ok, went a bit overboard there, let us keep cruising at 31,000 feet. So now we shift into the next gear, so strap on your seat belts and hold on tight.

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