muSOAings for 3/25/09

Straddling these three worlds requires of the SOA Architect to wear different hats.   It also means that, depending on the audience, the language will have to change.     In the initial stages,  you don’t really have your foot in the door.  You have to make a strong case for SOA.    What is needed here is strategic vision,  ROI,  Roadmaps,  Business and Process efficiencies.    Not only do these have to be well qualified but to a great extent, quantified also.

Herein lie the problems.   Now how do you quantify an IT setup of system that you have not audited.   The best practices used elsewhere will play a key role here.   A lot of the existing collateral, IP and to some extent domain expertise as it relates to this vertical will play a key role.      It is never possible to arrive at exact figures.   At the same time these figures should also not be guesstimates.     The idea that should be brought across is that though the task ahead may be a complex one depending on the maturity of the existing IT infrastructure,  a well defined roadmap with all the checks and balances should alleviate all the fears and apprehensions that are generally prevalent in this layer.

So how did I arrive at the conclusions mentioned in the last few sentences of the previous paragarph.    Stay tuned for tomorrows muSOAings.


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